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Our Vision is for young parents and their children to be healthy, happy and safe, with better life chances and aspirations.


Our Mission is to provide whole-family service for young mums, dads, and their children, working with families to meet their individual needs and create a positive start to family life

Ellie Nicholas

Coordinator and Project Worker

Becky Chard

Project Worker

Our History 

WILD was set up by a small group of  young parents in 1992. Since then we have grown to cover the whole of Cornwall, and we are now  the largest young parents' charity in the UK. 

Over the last 26 years we have reached over 13,000 people - mums dads and children. Some of our original WILD parents are now in their forties, with grandchildren!

Our Way of Working

Our Theory of Change sets out how we believe we can help young parent families to have the best possible future.


Our Practice Framework explains what how we work with families. It is based on national and local research and strategies, and 26 years’ experience of working with young parent families. We offer an integrated whole-family approach:

Groupwork – for mums, dads and children,  with activities focusing on healthy, happy and safe outcomes for families

Outreach –  reaching isolated families in their homes and communities

Casework – for those experiencing increased risk

Dads Work – including dads in their child’s life

Partnership working  – working with other agencies to offer coordinated, integrated support

Evidence-based practise – to ensure best outcomes

Needs-assessed – placing services where and how they are needed most

Peer-based – young parents learning from each other

Creativity – self-expression, identity and community through arts

Our Future

Over the next few years we look forward to using our national role to campaign with young parents for policies that will enable our WILD families to have an equal start to family life.

Our WILD values - these are our beliefs:

Respect – for mums, dads and children. For each other.

Equality – young parent families have the right to the same start in life as other families

Integrity – honest, trustworthy, informed approach

Kindness – with our WILD families, our team, our partners; to each other

Resourcefulness – finding creative ways to make things work, together