Our Stories


I’m Paige and I attend the Falmouth WILD group with my daughter, Malania. I was really nervous about starting WILD and especially, meeting new people. I was worried about what others might think of me. A friend of mine, who used to attend WILD, told me how much it had helped her and she said that it was just what I needed, so she called the office and asked if there was a space for me. I attended the following week. Having a baby was scary, but going in to a room full of mums and babies was even worse. I did push myself to go and now I have met friends that I will keep with me for life.


Last April I had the worst time ever; my brother tragically passed away and I also became a single mum. I wanted to give up but I received support from the WILD Team and they carried me through the storm. I took part in WILD's Change project, which helped me to realise that although life can be cruel we need to move forward for our children; to be the best we can be as mums and as ourselves. WILD has also helped me in many ways , from housing and benefits advice to just a weekly catch up chat. WILD has been an amazing support and I wouldn’t be the person or mum I am today if I hadn’t taken that jump to attend that first session. It has also helped my daughter; she loves coming each week, joining in all of the activities, cooking, painting, messy play and seeing all of her friends.


When we eventually leave we will always remember WILD and everything we have learnt along the way.

Thank you.

WILD has been an amazing support and I wouldn’t be the person or mum I am today if I hadn’t taken that jump to attend that first session.


I first joined WILD when I was 18 and WILD have supported me on and off for 4 years. I have two sons aged 3 and 1.  When I had my first son I suffered with postnatal depression, and believe that in joining wild it would help me socialise and cope with my emotions better.

In the four years that Wild has supported me they have helped me leave an abusive relationship which had led to my children being part of Social Care Plans, they supported me through this process and now we are through it and my children are happy, healthy and safe and so am I.  

Their ongoing support and projects have helped build my self esteem and confidence, as well as helping me learn skills to parent to the best of my ability.

It has also given me the confidence to reapply for university and I have secured a place on a course that I am passionate about.

In the four years that WILD has supported me they have helped me leave an abusive relationship.


Hi. My names Ellie. I'm 23 years old and I am the mother of two beautiful tiny humans. I was always that bubbly outgoing person, the one who was always smiling and took pride in being a lover of life. But on 17th of July 2014 my dad unexpectedly passed away. I was 6 months pregnant and it turned my whole life upside down. I lost my love for life and everything that went with it. I became quiet and withdrawn and I had very little self-confidence. When my eldest son was born I developed postnatal depression. I felt so low that I could hardly cope. I was informed about WILD by a neighbour who was also a member. She told me about the team leaders and the girls and how friendly it was! It sounded amazing. Just what I needed! My first day came around so quickly and I was terrified, I can just remember feeling so sick. So many questions went through my head. What will it be like? What will the other girls think of me? Will I make any friends? I had nothing to worry about! I have now been a member for almost three years (they're not getting rid of me, I am never leaving!).


During my time at WILD the team have helped me beyond expectation. If I was to look back 3 years ago at the person I was then I don't think I would recognise myself. I'm finally me again, something I didn't think would ever be achievable. I cannot thank them enough for the way they have helped me grow as a person and develop as a parent. WILD is somewhere where you can feel safe, somewhere where no-one can judge you. I have never felt more supported nor have i been made to feel a part of something as I have at WILD. I have built long lasting friendships and been taught unforgettable life lessons. They supported me through my second pregnancy (I was worried that I would have the same experience as before) I was encouraged to do functional skills and other lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life that I wouldn't have had the chance to learn anywhere else. But one of the biggest lessons I have learnt is 'Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough'. To me, WILD isn't just a place to feel secure and supported, its family and I love them all with every inch of my being. If it wasn't for you guys I don't know where I would be today. So thankyou, for well....being you!

I have built long lasting friendships and been taught unforgettable life lessons.


After my first son was born he was seriously ill. We ended up in Derriford NICU where my tiny, precious bundle was put into a medical coma. I couldn’t do anything for him and I felt so alone. After a few weeks we came home and I was left fending for myself, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and felt like a failure. I was drained. Emotionally I couldn’t cope and I slipped into a dark, dark place. I started looking for mum and baby groups to attend in the hope to meet new friends, however they mostly consisted of older mums who already had their friendship groups. When my son was 6 months old I discovered I was pregnant again. I didn’t know how I was going to cope and struggled along my pregnancy with my toddler.


Fast forward to my second child being born, and I discovered WILD through my health visitor. I was really apprehensive about going, but thought it was worth a try and I felt comforted knowing that it was younger mums. I started attending WILD when my children were 16 months and 6 weeks old. It was really tough having two so young and I often felt guilty that my attention was shifted to the new baby, and my toddler was left to entertain himself much more than he was used to. Having somewhere to go where he could play with other children and have another adults attention, while I had a much needed tea and break, helped so much. We had activities arranged such as singing, fitness and crafts, but the best part was the chance to connect with the other mums. It was a chance to feel my confidence as a mum grow and a chance to realize everyone can be just as unsure at times as I was. WILD gave me the opportunity to talk to other mums about how I was feeling and how my week had been so far. You often underestimate just how much having a safe place to share your feelings can benefit your mental state.


I’m 100 percent sure going to WILD stopped me slipping into the dark, emotional place I knew all too well. Clare and Lauren have been amazing support workers; I always know that they can access help for me should I feel like I need it and they always have great advice on how to handle all things children. When I’ve had no sleep, my toddler is refusing food and the baby only wants to feed from me it can get a bit too much. But I always know that I can moan to my hearts content, cry, ask advice, whatever I need from my safe place. We have been going to WILD just over a year now and my sons love going, especially my eldest. He has made some great friends and its definitely helped him with his social skills. He is much better at sharing, talking, colours and numbers, thanks to the crèche workers there. Its great knowing that he has a safe place that he loves too!

It was a chance to feel my confidence as a mum grow and a chance to realize everyone can be just as unsure at times as I was.