First Steps Project

New beginnings. How exciting to begin a new project!

I am one of three Early Years support workers, employed by WILD to support the children of young parents in Cornwall. The Sylvia Adams foundation has funded the project and the three of us have become affectionately known as the ‘Sylvias’. I think we need some kind of uniform, like the pink ladies, to identify us- see above! Nothing but an embroidered jacket will do!

It has made me contemplate the importance of feeling a sense of belonging. It feels great to be part of something new and exciting. I am part of a new team of 'Sylvias', and the wider team at WILD, and they have supported me so well through my first few weeks. This feeling of belonging is so often missing for young parents. For many, their lives have been a search to find their place in the world. And very often it is a world and a society they can feel excluded from.

So what is it that we, the Sylvias, are going to do? A very good question and the answer to that question is very slowly unfolding as the three of us get to know WILD and identify the areas of need. Our main aim is to champion the children of young parents and support their parents in doing the very best job they can do. We will be working alongside other WILD team members in the crèches and supporting parents in their own homes.

The hope is, that as these young parents and children have their own new beginnings in life they also feel this sense of belonging and support that comes from being part of a team. I am feeling optimistic that I can be a small part of the team at WILD that can help to achieve that.

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