Making Art for Positive 'Change'

Our WILD ‘Change’ Project

As part of our Comic Relief funded 'Change' project I have delivered 120 hours of art in 10 WILD groups from Penzance to Launceston.

With the first year of the WILD Art ‘Change’ project coming to an end, I have been reflecting on all the hours we have spent together in our WILD groups, all the fun we have had, and all the art that we have created. We have written poems, cut lino prints of positive change, talked, decoupaged mirrors, challenged unhelpful past events, talked, we have sewn banners, drank tea, talked, written plaques, questioned, glued inspirational boards, laughed, cried and talked…

Through all of this art, I have been inspired by the openness and strength of the young women who attend WILD, and have enjoyed the opportunity of us being able to have the conversations and time to begin to look at how we can create the lives we want for ourselves.


Powerful Seas

Rocky Relationships Strengthen

Sunny Horizons as Seasons Change

Potential Showers Blooming

Tides Change


By a WILD mum

As I prepare to develop another 6 sessions for the year ahead, I am excited by the idea of revisiting all of the groups, having the opportunity to work again with some of the young women I have already met and also having the chance to meet new members of WILD.

In the words of some of our WILD young mums…

“The art project ‘Change’ came about at a low point in my life. It helped me to acknowledge the changes I was going through. It also gave me a lot of strength to keep at looking the changes and not give up! At the beginning I was caged, and now I am free!

"I would recommend the art project, not only to people who are struggling, but as a hobby as it helps to voice your inner feelings and is also fun!”

“Arty and amazing. Helped me with confidence and to overcome things.”

“In the beginning, I felt like all the negative things in my life were holding me back and were not allowing me to move forward with certain situations. Doing this project has made me realise that things do change, good and bad, but no matter what you WILL come out the other side. It has really helped me recognise certain things in my life.

It has helped me a lot!!

Thank you”

“Before we started the change project I felt really low and down with what had happened in my life. The project helped me deal with this stuff in a positive way and looked at life in a different point of view this really helped me with my life and I am really glad I took part in the art project.”

I feel very privileged to be part of WILD, to be supported and celebrated by the whole WILD staff team and to be doing a job where I can witness on a daily basis that positive change is possible. I look forward to more fun times in the year ahead…

Becca x

Thanks to Comic Relief for funding this WILD project.

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