How fire-safe is your home?

"Individually we are one, together we are a community"

As an organisation WILD is incredibly passionate about supporting people who live in poverty, are struggling or who simply need a hand through a bit of a tough time. When we heard the tragic news about the avoidable fire at Grenfell Towers we felt devastated for all the people and families involved. We talked about 'how could this happen in 2017 when safety regulations have to be checked so much, how and why could something like this happen?'.

We were saddened that most of the people living in the tower block were from a low-income background, within such a rich neighbourhood.

We were saddened that these people had questioned the safety of their building, and why there were no smoke alarms or sprinklers, but had been ushered away. Was this because their voices didn’t seem very important when faced with the big building businesses and government bodies?

People in poverty living in unsafe housing. This made us then think about the families we work with; are their voices being heard? Are their houses safe?

The positive that came out of the tragedy is community spirit....people came and gave their time, their belongings and their love.

Community spirit is an amazing thing; we can thrive when we are supported by a network of people, we can achieve more and then we can help others to achieve more – it’s a ripple effect.

The best thing in life is to be able to be in a position to be able to support people and, in essence, that is what we are all about at WILD.

There are lots of things we can do to prevent a fire. Using what we have learnt from Grenfell Tower, we urge our families to check if you have the following basic things in your homes:

1) A working Fire Alarm/Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Alarm

2) A plan of what to do if you have a fire in your property

If you are answering "No" or "Not sure" to either of these questions then please contact us and let us help you. We can help you make a plan to keep you and your children as safe as possible. We can also help you talk to landlords about any safety improvements that are needed in your home. We will be talking about fire risks, and how to stay safe, in all our WILD groups over the next few weeks. If you work with young parents or vulnerable families, please support them to make their homes as safe as possible.

With love and solidarity for the victims and survivors of Grenfell Tower fire. May it never happen again.

For more information about fire safety in Cornwall, please visit:

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