Adventures in the Forest

Summers over, but the fun hasn’t stopped yet!! Some of our WILD groups recently went on an outing to the woods for a forest school session led by BF Adventure. The mums and children used their skills in the ‘mud kitchen’ making some delicious mud pies; had the opportunity to toast marshmallows on the fire together and finally went on ‘a bear hunt’ - squelching through the mud, swooshing through the snow and swashing through the grass. Along with some free time to explore their surroundings, ask questions and investigate the great outdoors.

This was a fantastic opportunity to learn to ‘take risks’ in a safe environment. As well as it being fun, there are many benefits to outside play for you and your children and the increasing popularity of forest schools demonstrates this. All the mums and children had a great time and asked when they could go again.

Thank you BF!!

Wood trips coming to a WILD group near you soon!

‘’Today I think my child has overcome their fear of mud’’

‘’ We had the best day on our woodland trip’’

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