"WILD is just amazing. It helps me with my anxiety and depression. I rarely go out apart from WILD. I love going to WILD and meeting new mums"

"WILD basically made me who I am today and I still use the life tools you instilled in me - it helps me everyday."

"What does WILD mean to me? It means hope and happiness. WILD gave me a new breath of life and the strength to be the person I want to be. It helped and supported me through the hardest times. I thank you so much"

"The work that the WILD Project does is invaluable. Please thank the team for their hard work."

"WILD means everything to me and has helped me to grow as an individual and as a parent"

"Thank you for all you've done! I don't know where me and our children would be without your love, time and support. Never change!"

"WILD helped me realise I can do all the things as a mum I never thought I could do. Meeting other mums in my situation has helped me overcome a lot"