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Our Vision

We want a fair start for

young parent families

We will work together with young parent families - to grow love and resilience, to tell their stories, and to build a society that cares about their future.

Our Mission

Our Goals

We focus on four areas to help us achieve our vision: 

Explore: We work together with families, leaders and practitioners to design and deliver services and practice models that work

Practice: We deliver our whole-family flagship service across Cornwall that models the best work with young parent families

Share: We offer support and resources to help others focus on the best work with young parent families

Change: We influence national policy and services, to change the narrative for young parent families

A Learning Organisation

Over the years we have learned a lot from young families; about their hopes and dreams, and about some of the challenges they face. We have also learned from others who work with and care about the future for young parents and their babies. This has helped us create our ‘Logic Model’; our map of how we need to work to enable families to have the best possible future. 

To help young parents build a happy family life for them and their babies, we need to keep learning. We want to have a deep understanding of the lives and experiences of our WILD families, and we want to respond to their needs and build on their strengths. 


Our Learning Framework helps us learn and improve – through building relationships, gathering information, experimentation, and reflective practice which makes sense of the complex world our families experience.  

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