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Partner Agencies

At WILD we believe we are stronger together. WILD couldn’t do what we do without all the do-ers, thinkers, makers and shakers who help us support our WILD families. 

Over the years our creative collaborations  with award-winning artists, writers, poets, musicians, film-makers and comedians have flourished. Our WILD Choir has been heard far and wide, while families have created artwork in galleries, seen theatre and dance, created sound sculptures, and even made music using trees and plants. 

Creative Partners

National Partnerships

WILD’s vision for a ‘fair start for young parent families’ can only be achieved if our communities, services and whole society hear their stories, understand their needs, and believe in their futures. To do this, we work with many national partners,  to grow our network and influence across the UK and beyond.

Voluntary Sector Partners

We love being part of Cornwall’s thriving voluntary and community sector, and are active members of its alliances, working to support our communities and campaign for a better future.

Funding Partners

None of our work could happen without the financial support. Our funding partnerships are about more than money; they are built on trusted relationships and a shared commitment to a better future for young parent families.

Statutory Partners

Our WILD vision would be impossible without the brilliant midwives, health visitors, social workers, nurses, family workers, and all the other statutory teams who support our WILD families. They are our day-to-day colleagues and friends, and we are proud to work with them all.

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