Our weekly groups for young mums are a great place for you to make friends and share the experience of being a mum. Activities include;

  • Arts and crafts

  • Music

  • Cooking

  • Getting active

  • Building confidence

  • Healthy living

  • Learning new skills

  • Planning for your future



Along with our mums’ groups, we have free children’s groups for babies and children under five.

The children can make friends and have fun, in a safe and caring group.

There are also lots of activities for mums and children together, like swimming and messy play.​

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We want to make sure you can get the help you need as a young dad.

 dads’ workers offer:

  • Help for dads with practical parenting and skills

  • Help for dads who want to spend more time with their children

  • Help for dads to deal with other services


Help and advice for mums and dads

Our friendly WILD workers can give you one-to-one support with things like;

  • Housing

  • Money and debt

  • Mental health

  • Relationships

  • Parenting

  • College, work and volunteering

They can also come and visit you at home or in your local community.

Our Core Service

Cornwall Council funds our groups and outreach service, as part of their commitment to helping young parent families.

WILD works closely with Cornwall Council children’s services. This includes Children’s Centres, Early Help and Social Services. We run our WILD groups from Children’s Centres, so that young parents and their children can use all the other services there.

We believe that by working with Cornwall Council, we can offer better support for young families.

Building Futures Project


Our Building Futures project helps young mums whose children have safeguarding plans, or who have experienced, or are at risk of, repeat removals of children from their care

Our Caseworkers work one-to-one with young mums to give them a voice when working with agencies and support them to find opportunities, build on skills for more positive futures.

We work with vulnerable young parents who may struggle with understanding the processes and are reluctant to work with agencies. 

Our aim is to:

  •  enable young parents to understand and have a voice through  social work and care

  •  build resilience and self esteem

  •  help young parents understand how they have reached this point

  •  encourage parents to reflect on past experiences

  •  address negative issues and work on changing negative habits

  •  work on healthy boundaries

  •  work on responsibilities for their children (in their care and removed)

  •  work with partner agencies and ensure all support services are working together effectively

  •  work on other life skills to ensure they work towards building a happy, healthy life

  •  engage young parents with community activities to widen their support network

Music Makes Me Happy

Music Makes Me Happy works with young parents and their children across Cornwall who are experiencing deprivation and challenging circumstances. We offer transformative music experiences, ranging from Early Years music sessions to our WILD choir of young parents. We want to improve music participation for children whose start in life is often complex and difficult, and to use music to forge more positive family relationships. Our passion is to encourage our WILD young families to experience the joy of making music together and help to develop skills in leadership and confidence.


Rebalance Project

Our WILD Change  project uses arts to help  young parents to understand and cope with complex life experiences, and gain future life aspirations. Young parents will explore and learn from the past, start to make healthier choices, gain skills to create a safe home space, and create their own plan for a better future


Our arts programme focuses on; what change is and the events that have happened in our young mums lives that have affected them today. Together we look at things that are possible to change, and how we could change them. These fun art workshops involve making scrapbooks and creating a way of positively re-framing past situations, lino prints of what change would look like, mirrors of change (so change can be viewed on a daily basis), and the setting of new goals and aspirations. 


"I felt like all the negative things in my life were holding me back and was not allowing me to move forward with certain situations. Doing this project has made me realise that things do change good and bad but no matter what you WILL come out the other side. It has really helped me recognise certain things in my life. It has helped me a lot!!"



"It’s made me feel positive."



"This project has helped me to believe in myself."

Healthy Start

Our Healthy Start project aims to help young parents with the transition to becoming a new parent. We support young parents to:

  • Make a healthy start to family life for young parents and their babies

  • Set up a safe and independent first home

  • Improve support networks

  • Improve confidence to access support services

Infant Mental Health

Our Infant Mental Health Project aims to make the following differences for babies and toddler:

  • Improved mental health and wellbeing, and positive attachment with their primary carer

  • improved verbal and non-verbal development, enabling children to be better ready for school in the future

  • increased parental understanding of risk and protective behaviours, with reduced risk of illness and accident

This new work will give young parents and their babies and toddlers opportunities to build positive relationships through:

  • connecting with others

  • being active

  • taking notice

  • learning

  • creating and playing

First Steps

We want to improve the lives of the very young children of young parents (aged 0-4). When WILD started in 1992 the focus was on the parents alone.  Over the years we have developed children’s work, in line with EYFS framework, and become more aware of the specific risks faced by these children.  We want to address these risks, and for our service to be children’s First Steps to achieving a healthy, safe and happy life.

Our WILD First Steps project will enable us to focus on those children with highest needs